Looking Back at 2017..

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed some time off with loved ones. My Christmas was spent in the far South West of Wales in Solva, Pembrokshire with my close family. Although it was wet and incredibly windy we managed to get out onto the beach and enjoy some fresh air and walk off those quality streets!

I thought what better way to send the year off than to look back at all the memories of this year, share the photos that didn’t make the cut for Instagram and look back at what a wonderful and jam packed year it’s been!

I celebrated the new year in style with my closest girlfriends over a few too many glasses of prosecco at home, I worked to save money and travel over the summer months. From Greece to Glastonbury I squeezed in everything I could with every penny I had.

Looking back at photos I realise what a roller coaster year it has been for me, but a wonderful one at that!

image2 (3).JPG
Seeing Adele Live with Ellie in London

Summer was non – stop for me! I was lucky enough to experience so many new places and make some incredible memories – ones I will never forget.

Winter came and naturally life slowed down, I started my new job and Martha’s Moments came to life. From then I knuckled down and kept myself to myself during the lead up to Christmas, thinking seriously about the next year and my plans for the future. Christmas is over and it’s time to start making new goals and start planning for the year ahead!




Happy New Year to you all! If you’re celebrating the New Year in style, enjoy and have fun! I’ll be seeing the year in at work unfortunately but I’ll be sure to make it up next week. Have a wonderful evening, here’s to 2018! M x


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