A Week in Healthy Meals

Coming back at you with another foodie post this sunny bank holiday Monday! If you don’t follow me over on my Instagram you won’t know that Conor and I have just moved to Brighton! This has been the craziest and most exciting move, hence the lack of posting, moving completely took over everything!

Whilst it’s exciting to be in a new city, don’t get me wrong we enjoyed a meal or two out using the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, we have made a real effort to stay at home and cook healthy home cooked meals.

Lockdown was full of indulging, eating and drinking everything in sight! So we are on a bit of a health kick and are making a conscious effort to eat balanced meals. The restaurants will always be there and believe me I will make my way through them, but for the moment we’re trying our hardest to stay healthy and eat in.

Don’t get me wrong these meals aren’t perfect, nor are they groundbreaking, but they are a realistic snippet into our day to day eating habits.

Let’s talk breakfast… one of my favourite meals! I was intermittent fasting for about 2 months during lockdown however I found I started to get regular and pounding headaches most days so I decided to stop. Although I enjoyed fasting and found I felt less full and bloated, the headaches for me were so bad I had to stop. Plus missing out on breakfast was NOT FUN for someone who loves a good breakfast! So the day starts for me with either some banana and honey on toast or if I’ve had a later start a hearty brunch of eggs and salmon will last me!

I love starting the day with a ‘carby’ meal, it keeps me fuller for longer and sets me up for a good day! Toast is my current obsession, especially with honey and banana – if you don’t know, get to know!

Next up, lunch! Whilst supporting ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ Conor and I admittedly have paid a few trips to Nandos as we were given gift card for Easter which we never got round to using – so lunches have either been Nando’s or a late breakfast has got me by. Always something along the lines of scrambled eggs or a good old tuna sandwich if not!

Now for our evening meals. As I mentioned we’ve been trying to eat as healthy as possible so our evening meals have been a little less exciting but none the less delicious!

Two of our favourites! A good stir fry and the classic Drane recipe of lemon chicken. This week we had salmon stir fry: whilst avoiding pre packaged sauces as much as possible I made the BEST marinade for the salmon. This is so easy and so much better than a pre made sauces which are jam packed with rubbish.

Salmon Marinade: (can be used to marinate the salmon for at least an hour before, or if you’re like me and ran out of time, smothering the salmon just before the oven will do!)

  • 2 tbs soy sauce
  • 1 tbs honey
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves minced
  • 1/4 fresh red chilli
  • Lots of salt & pepper

Mix this all together in a bowl and either leave the salmon to sit or drizzle over and chuck in the oven for 20 minutes. Honestly, it’s my favourite way to serve salmon right now! If you’re able to add some fresh ginger too it’ll take it up a notch! We simply served this with a load of fine chopped veg and bean sprouts – again I decided to use up the veg in the fridge and avoid the pre packed stuff but either is totally fine!

Lastly, my favourite prawn, chilli & garlic pasta and m&s reduced fat sausages which weren’t a winner but worth a try!

So there you have it, a week in Brighton, eating in and staying healthy in the hope of shedding the last of the corona weight! I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Let me know if you would like any recipes. Until next time x

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