Microblading: My experience

Hello strangers,

Without a boring apology for not posting in months I thought I would get on and share my recent experience with microblading. I hope you enjoy!

On my return to England in September I booked to get my eyebrows microbladed as I have finally reached the point of total boredom of filling in my barely-there brows every damn day! As I had a lot of questions about my experience I thought why not bloody write about it!

What is microblading? Without googling the technical terminology, microblading is a semi permanent procedure where fine hair-like strokes are tattoo’d on by hand to create a fuller or more structured brow shape. Unlike traditional colour block tattooing this creates a very natural and realistic look. So if like me you followed the 2009 thin brow trend and have sadly never recovered since, this procedure is the one for you.

There are many questions I wanted to ask before getting my brows done so I will try my best to answer those for anyone who is considering this procedure themselves.
For some background info, I had done a lot of research into who I wanted to see. Your eyebrows sculpt your entire face so if they get it wrong and you come out with upside down Nike ticks you’ll realise you should have done your research first.

I looked at multiple Instagram pages, YouTube videos and online reviews before I made my final decision. You obviously need to take into consideration the cost of the overall procedure, whether or not a top up appointment is included, location and style before choosing. I finally chose to visit LashBrow London in Fulham as I loved Jessica’s transformation pictures, her natural style and her professionalism online.

Now onto the questions..

How long does it take? The physical microblading only took 15 minutes on each brow. However during the consultation Jessica shaped my brows, threaded and plucked them, designed and drew a shape based on my facial features and chose a colour. Once this was done I was left for 30 minutes with a product on my brows to prepare them for the microblading. So all in all the total process took around 2.5 hours.

Did it hurt? Personally I didn’t find the pain to be too bad. Jessica did say I handled the pain extremely well, unlike other clients she had seen. To me it was more of a deep scratch than a terrible pain. However, I did find my top up to be a more painful than the first time. I was also sneezing constantly!

How much does it cost? Jessica currently charges £300 for microblading. This includes the 6 week top up appointment. You should expect the general cost to be anywhere from £250 – £350 for this treatment varying on where you go.

How long does it take to heal? They say the general healing process takes roughly 14 days, however you should not expect a final result until after your 6 week top – up appointment.

Do I think it’s worth it? Absolutely. This has honestly changed my life! My close friends will know how much I hated my eyebrows and would never leave the house without filling them in, now my entire morning routine is 10 x easier and quicker! I now feel so much more confident without makeup.

Do I still have to fill them in? On a daily basis; no I do not touch my brows at all. If I am going on a night out or have a full face of makeup I occasionally add some brow gel through them just to darken them slightly.

Now onto the good bit, the photos!

Stupidly I didn’t take any before photos, however this filtered selfie taken from a vain video shows hows thin my brows were and what little shape they had. You can also see the photo of my brows filled in – they were uneven and miss shaped. 




And now the final transformation and my brows in action! You can see where Jessica had outlined and drawn the shape first before filling in the gaps and evening out both brows.

Overall I am so pleased with the final result, I now have fuller, more even and easy to manage brows! If you are fed up of filling in your brows every single day like me then I would highly recommend looking into microblading!

If you have any other questions about the process or any queries please feel free to ask! I hope you have enjoyed this post, sightly different for me but something I would have loved to have read before I got my brows done! Speak soon, M x

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