Our trip to Budapest

Once again I’m not going to bore you with why it’s been so long since I have last written a post but know that I am trying. When my day off comes round I end up in my pj’s binge watching Masterchef instead of writing new posts.

But i’m here and I wanted to write a quick post about mine and Bids recent trip to Budapest. February 24th is our anniversary and this year we hit 6 years together (blimey!) and decided we would go on a City break for a long weekend.

Budapest it was! We were recommended to go by a friend and I couldn’t be happier we chose to go. The City is a beautiful one. The moment we stepped off the plane we could instantly sense the welcoming atmosphere and the history behind the City. I had no idea about the City itself and how much there was behind it. After a morning spent in the House of Terror we were blown away by how much there is to learn about the culture and historical background.


If you are thinking of visiting, you must make this your first stop. We came out feeling extremely educated and enlightened to what the people of Budapest have been through.

Our next stop was to simply wander the streets, the big open roads and tall buildings look so much more elegant and visually pleasing than your average side walk. We found ourselves commenting on every other building amazed by how beautiful they look.

Further on in our day we stumbled upon Hero’s Square, another beautiful and breath taking place. My recommendation would be to go first at night, with the statue’s and buildings back lit it creates such a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. Unfortunately we didn’t go into any of the museums, instead we spent time appreciating the beauty of the square.


Whilst exploring the streets we came across the giant ice rink just by Hero’s Square, of course Biddy insisted we had a go. We returned the next night later in the evening so we could enjoy the square in the evening light and I could show Biddy a thing or two on the rink. (In reality I was petrified and took me a good 10 minutes to step onto the rink)

On top of learning about the history behind this beautiful City, we ensured we ate well, and I mean very well. I didn’t think it was possible to consume so much pizza and pasta in one week, but boy did we manage it. Although we didn’t try any Hungarian food, being typical Brits we were tempted in by the indulgent Italian cuisine and the large amount of it the City had to offer.

Our top recommendations would be: Local Korner – this small, edgy pizza shop served us very well on our first night when all we needed was comfort food and an early night after a long day travelling. Enjoy a local beer whilst you wait for your pizza to be cooked fresh inside this 2 table shop, the staff are incredibly friendly and the pizza is top notch. You can also write on the walls and read messages left by other travellers.

Other top recommendations would be: Pomo D’oro Italian, Robinson Timeless Kitchen, STIKA Budapest (for a great breakfast!), Tikki Bar (incredible Hawaiian themed cocktail bar) and of course the famous Ruin Bars. The nightlife is great, from top class gin bars to edgy ruin bars, the City has something for everyone.

Of course we couldn’t visit Budapest without going to one of the Spa’s. On recommendation from everyone we spent a morning relaxing in the hot spa’s at Szechenyi Spa – although it was beautiful and very much appreciated in the freezing cold weather we had, I wouldn’t advise a full day ticket, once we had a massage treatment and enjoyed the steam rooms we were ready to go – a morning pass would have done us better.

Finally we spent a sunny afternoon at the Houses of Parliament – the most spectacular building I have seen. Positioned in a large open square right by the River, along with the shoes on the River Danube, this is a must see.


There we go, a brief run down of our 4 day get away to Budapest. A thoroughly relaxing and enlightening trip with a lot of food and one too many cocktails. If you are looking at a City Break I would urge you to consider Budapest – you won’t regret it.

    IMG_0580.JPGThat’s it from me.

Who know’s when my next post will be or what I will write. If you have any suggestions or posts you would like to see please let me know! Until then, Love M x


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