Top Tips to Staying Motivated

CALM DOWN! I know your upset I haven’t written a post in a few weeks. I know you’re stressing and going out of your mind wandering what I’ve been up too. But it’s okay.. I’M BACK!

What a busy few weeks it’s been. Work took complete control over my life and I was left with very little time for myself. I escaped to London for a couple of nights away (AHEM sat opposite Keira Knightley in the Wolseley AHEM!) and came back ready to start this week refreshed and motivated again.

I thought I would write a post on how I stay motivated. Believe it or not I do get the occasional personal message me asking for tips on how I stay motivated in the gym and eating well etc, so I thought I should share my few very basic and obvious tips with you!

I am no expert, but one thing I don’t struggle with is motivation. I love working hard and seeing results, whether this is in the gym or at work – I try to remain as motivated and positive as I can. (This certainly wasn’t the case last week when I was in meltdown mode! – We all have our moments.)

Firstly you need to know exactly why you are doing what you are doing. You have to want it for yourself, and really mean that. I never used to believe in the ‘do it for yourself’ bullshit, but it’s true. Unless you truly want to prove yourself wrong and feel proud in yourself, you won’t do it. You will get bored and lose motivation instantly.

I workout every week because I want to become stronger and fitter, I want to shock myself and prove that I work hard for me and nobody else. I work hard at my job because I want to become successful and more knowledgeable. I cook new recipe’s and experiment with food because I want to create new idea’s and I enjoy cooking. So unless you want it, it won’t happen.

Secondly, keep track of your progress. Constantly remind yourself how well you’re doing. If you only focus on the negatives you won’t progress, let alone get anywhere near your end goal. I’m terrible at practising self love because I think it’s a long hard journey to get to that place, but allow yourself to feel proud of the effort you are putting in and you will motivate yourself to continue.

Next, don’t let knock backs stop your journey. Whether this is a bad week at work, a lack of time to exercise or a week of eating chocolate. We all do it and we can’t expect every day to be perfect. Instead of wasting time punishing yourself, shake it off and start fresh.

Write your goals down. I have a daily planner and can’t live without it. I write anything from reminders to walk the dog, shopping lists and my shifts. There is nothing more satisfying than physically ticking off a list – these don’t have to be big goals but simply day to day tasks you want to achieve. This also ties in with planning ahead, you can’t expect to feel motivated when you don’t know what it is your working towards. My goals change every week, so I write these down and focus my mind on achieving what it is I want to achieve that week.

P1020063 (2).JPG

Lastly, allow yourself time to rest. It’s almost impossible to be energised and motivated every single day, we all get tired and we all need time to rest and reflect. These quiet moments allow us to gather our thoughts ready to smash those goals. Last week I lost all motivation and hope for the days ahead but after a few days away I was ready to come back fighting!

Simple but effective. Staying motivated doesn’t have to be hard. Don’t expect too much of yourself but work hard and focus your mind on achieving what it is you want! I’m practising what I preach this week and aim to get a few blog posts written and shot prepared  for the weeks ahead! Have a wonderful week. Until next time, M x

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