Veganuary 2018 Round Up

It’s over! Veganuary 2018 has come to an end. Before we get deep into this post, I have to admit I slipped up, big time. Day 26 I found myself eating a snack pack of Reese’s Cups and by day 28.. it was all over.

You heard it right, 28th January is when Veganuary came to an end. If you follow me on twitter you will know that temptations got the better of me and I crumbled for eggs on toast on Sunday morning. Having said this, I am so so proud of my commitment to this lifestyle change and have loved every moment of it.

I did however find the last few weeks increasingly harder. I have taken on a new position at work and found myself either eating near to nothing due to being so busy, living on peanut butter and jam on toast, or craving chocolate 24/7. So to have got as far as January 28th, I am very pleased!

As I mentioned my new role has meant more hours at work and less time for that all important preparation and cooking time – it’s not an excuse, I am just trying to justify my lack of photos for this post.

It all started so well, with this chickpea and sweet potato curry – which I must say was delicious! (A few people have asked for the recipe of this and once I’m brave enough to do recipe posts I will let you into the secrets behind this healthy curry!)

But the busier I got, the more basic my meals became, as delicious as it was, I think temptations came as I was not eating enough and was left feeling hungry and weak.

I did manage to make a homemade beetroot humus which despite being delicious was no way near as satisfying as Pret A Manger’s version. My obsession with humus has grown over this month and I now find myself adding a spoonful to any meal.

This is so easy to make, with or without beetroot get yourself a can of chickpeas, some garlic, tahini and lemon and blitz it up in a blender or food processor and there you have it, a delicious, healthy dip made in under 5 minutes!


The real struggle came when I realised I was eating PB & Jam every single day, an unhealthy amount. If you’ve not tried it then get to know – but be warned it is delicious and very addictive!


By now you’re probably thinking I have completely turned my back on this whole Vegan thing. But this is where you are wrong. Having cheated and had eggs on toast, I felt terrible after. Having gone almost an entire month without eggs or fish  – a part of me feels put off about eating them again. My body has responded so well without these that I can’t bring myself to introduce these back into my diet on a regular basis.

I do admit I could never call myself a vegan as I own leather shoes and bags and I wear makeup which has most likely been tested on animals, but in terms of food I do think incorporating more plant based meals into my diet is no bad thing. That’s not going to say I won’t have the odd scrambled egg and salmon or chocolate buttons here and there, but my body has responded so well to this that it would be silly to pack it in now.

So overall, Veganism has taught me a lot. I have experimented with new recipe’s, discovered I CAN live without eggs every morning and noticed changes in my skin and general health. It may not be a permanent change but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for me.

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