Self Confidence and the Effects of Social Media

This post was something I had always planned on writing as soon as I created this blog, but I was keen to take my time writing it as its a topic which needs be spoken about with tact and sensitivity.

Social media has become such a huge part of our lives and as well as it being a great platform to communicate and share ideas, it can also be an incredibly negative and damaging one at times. Although I am a confident person I can also suffer with the pressures of social media and the need to constantly appear perfect. This is the downfall of social media and often a big reason behind many peoples insecurities.

Last year I decided to remove myself from Instagram and Facebook for week, a brief digital detox you could say. I did this as I had subconsciously become very unhappy and self conscious in myself. I have always suffered with my self confidence, especially when it comes to my passion; performing, but more and more I was loosing confidence in myself and my physical appearance. It was only when I removed myself from these platforms that I realised this was a large reason behind my insecurities.

More and more we moan about our weight and physical appearance, especially after Christmas, January is often the time people decide they want to lose weight or get fit but we must be so careful to not let it become an obsession. I for one am guilty of this – I was a very skinny young girl and hated how thin I was compared to my friends. I then hit puberty and I noticed my body change dramatically – I suddenly gained curves and a shape which I wasn’t used too. This then led me to believe I was fat and needed to loose weight so I could be skinny like I used to be.

This was such an unhealthy way to live, everyone’s bodies are different, we all have individual shapes and curves which help define who we are. I know from personal experience that it’s easier said than done to ‘love the body your in’ and ‘accept who we are’ – but we have to try and realise the truth behind this.

I will never be able to say I love my body or I’m happy with how the way I look – but I know I work damn hard to live a healthy and active lifestyle and I’m happy knowing that I fuel my body correctly but also allow myself that cheesy pizza on a Saturday night! This is balance – for our own sanity we have to live a balanced lifestyle, one which allows ourselves to have that bit of chocolate and not feel guilty about it. Without this we can drive ourselves insane, constantly striving for perfection – just like those we see on Instagram, but remind yourself.. THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE. We all post the best pictures with the best lighting and angles, so next time your scrolling through looking at how perfect that girl is and telling yourself how worthless you are, remember that you are also perfect! (Woah cheesy!)

I hate to sound so preachy but I am writing this having gone through it myself, it’s only now I am beginning to believe in myself and accept my body for what it is. Don’t get me wrong I still struggle, but I’m getting there! I unfollowed anyone who made me feel insecure and worthless and only watch and follow those that help fuel my ambition!

I promise you it’s so much more important to be happy and enjoy your life for what it is and who’s in it. I no longer take social media so seriously and have learnt whats real and what’s not. Thank you for reading, I know this is a different post for me but it’s something I am so passionate about. Please drop me a message and let me know what you thought of this post. Until next time, M x

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