2 Week Veganuary Update

So we’re two weeks in to Veganuary. How’s it going you ask? 

I LOVE IT! I am really enjoying the challenge and learning so much about nutrition and what my body responds well too. Don’t get me wrong I miss my poached eggs on toast, anyone who knows me knows I live on poached eggs.. but saying this I haven’t had many cravings or moments where I’ve wanted to cave so far.

My biggest tip with any change in diet is to prepare. It takes thought and can take time but worth it in the long run. I always prepare extra of any meal so I have more than one serving and can take this to work or on the go. As the one thing I have found is it is harder to pick up something to eat on the go, but if I have prepared then this is not an issue. I know supermarkets and cafe’s are getting better at supplying vegan options – but this isn’t always available so always prepare and you’ll never be left hungry.

I always find Breakfast the easiest meal as its quick and there are so many options to make from porridge to avocado on toast, it’s always delicious!

Even if Veganism isn’t something you are interested in I highly recommend looking at trying a cows milk alternative. I haven’t drank cows milk for nearly 2 years now and I would never look back. It’s so easy to find alternatives these days so why not give it a go. My absolute favourite is oat milk, particularly the Alpro  one as it doesn’t split. This milk is filled with fibre and makes anything from tea to porridge extra creamy and delicious.

Lunch is usually left overs from the night before or my go to hummus and falafal sandwich with avocado and spinach. For me I have grown up in such a foodie household that I had no choice but to eat fruit and veg, but now I love them. I can’t imagine a meal without some form of fruit or veg on my plate – it just doesn’t seem right.


The rest of my family are meat – eaters so I am very used to cooking for myself, and working different shift patterns I usually always miss out on family meals therefore I get to experiment and cook up whatever I fancy. Even my dad has enjoyed some of my meals and that’s saying something!

Snacking has always been a big issue for me, I am constantly grazing and often on the wrong sorts of food. These past weeks I have been snacking on nuts, fruit and vegan chocolate. I am now a convert to dark chocolate – although they tend to cost a fortune for what they are, I am a sucker for Doisy and Dam’s chocolate bars, in particular the pink himalayan salt and puffed rice bar! Sounds disgusting I know, but get yourself a bar next time your in the supermarket and try for yourself! YUM.

Finally, evening meals. I always need something hearty by the evening after a day at work or running round doing errands, I need something filling and warming by the end of the day. This will usually be something like a lentil ratatouille, jacket potato and beans or a tofu stir fry! Although I have just discovered these Fry’s vegan mushroom pies – these can easily be found in Holland and Barrett, they are so tasty and when covered in gravy it’s the perfect winter meal.

So overall, so far so good. I feel full off energy, I get the occasional headache and light headed moment when I know I haven’t eaten for a while. But I feel so refreshed and a lot let sluggish. I will aim to get more pictures over the next couple of weeks and show a few home cooked evening meals (the lighting is usually too dark by this point that my lentils look like frogspawn and not attractive enough to photograph).

If you’re also taking part in #Veganuary or you are interested please let me know! I’d love to steal some recipe ideas and know how you’re getting on. Until next time, M x

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