The Importance of Downtime

I never believed anyone when they said to allow yourself downtime and space from our busy lives but recently I have realised more than ever the importance of this and how good it makes you feel!


Did anyone else’s mum used to nag them “go outside and get some fresh air” or “come off your phone and join the real world”? Mine certainly did! And still does. But it’s only recently I’ve realised just how good it is to get out and have some time off social media and socialising.

It only came to me as I was walking Maddie that this has become my favourite time of the day. I am able to have space from everyone and everything going on in my life to stop and think. It sounds so silly but honestly having time that time to myself and getting fresh air makes a huge huge difference to my day!


As a generation we spend so much time scrolling through social media, checking our news feeds and updating our status’ that we are loosing the importance of being in the moment and enjoying whats around us. I will admit to being obsessed with my phone, but every few days I make a conscious effort to leave my phone at home whilst I walk the dog. It gives me that much needed time to myself and allows me some thinking time.

Whether it’s going for a walk or reading a new book.. whatever it is that allows your brain to switch off and have some time away from the craziness of your life, then do it. It’s so so important and I can’t stress the difference it makes to your overall happiness.

Here are my top 5 ways to relax and take some time out for myself:

  • Going for a walk in the outdoors
  • A long, candlelit bubble bath
  • Doing a facemask
  • Reading a book
  • Doing some exercise

I try to squeeze in time for at least one of these in my busy day and I hope you can find the time to yourself too. Thank you for reading. Until next time, M x



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