My Week as a Decorator

Before we start I should mention this is NOT the finished product, my room still has a long way to go to in order for it to feel homely but it’s getting there!

My bedroom was decorated a few years back now, at the time I was very girly and the featured wallpaper was very sought after for people my age.. I thought I was cool at the time! However, recently I’ve been aching to redecorate and give my bedroom a fresh new look. Plus I had already bought lots of bits for my uni room. So what did I do? I agreed to redecorate the room myself, no help, no professional just me and a poxy old paintbrush… what could go wrong? A lot it seems…

I decided to paint over the patterned wall as taking the wallpaper off could have lead to the entire wall falling down, I was naive in thinking this would be a quick and easy task.. Boy was I wrong! The wallpaper had a slight sheen to it and proved very hard to cover up! After multiple layers and long hours I covered the wall with White Emulsion before deciding on the final grey colour.

Fashionable choice for painting

I was keen to go for a fresh grey and white theme as it looks very modern and clean and can open up any dull and small space. I am lucky enough to have a reasonable sized bedroom and big bright windows so I knew these colours would work well.

There is still a long way to go with it, and things may move again but for now I am happy with the final layout. I’m pretty impressed with my painting skills, although Mum isn’t too happy with all the paint on the carpet! But I have carefully positioned the bed over this so hopefully she’ll soon forget!

I documented most of my disastrous journey over on my Snapchat: marthadrane and Instagram stories, which you can follow me onΒ here!

Let me know of any good homeware stores I can check out to get some more goodies for the room! Thanks for reading, until next time. M x


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