A little bit about me..

What better way to introduce myself than to share some embarrassing photos of me from over the years. Lucky you!

Starting from the beginning… I come from a small town in Wiltshire in the South West of England. Born in Warwickshire my family and I moved here when I was 3. I was an interesting child to say the least, you would always find me somewhere causing mischief doing anything and everything I had been told NOT to do. And always half-naked!

School wasn’t an environment I enjoyed, I was always more interested in boys and friendships rather than focusing on grades and an education. My school reports always read the same from a young age ‘Martha has potential but she needs to focus on concentrating rather than chatting’ ‘Martha enjoys being the class clown. ‘Martha was sent out of class today for distracting her classmates’, until the very last year of school when I knew I had to do some form of revising in order to pass my exams.

IMG_0260I always knew exactly what I wanted to do, and unless it was Drama or Music I wasn’t interested. From a young age I always thought I would be the next big Pop Star, I dreamed of winning the X Factor and even auditioned a couple of times. Although this is still my passion, over recent years I have struggled with my confidence and even more recently vocal  issues which have inhibited me from following my dream. Not that I want to be the next big Pop Star still, but I’ve always known a career in the creative or performing arts is where I belong. I plan to touch on this more in future posts.

However, I got through my exams (to the surprise of all my family) and passed every single exam, no surprise my best marks were in Music and Drama… but I got there in the end! Once school was over, I followed my passion to Bristol where I studied Musical Theatre, these 2 years have to be some of the best years of my life to date. Although my friendships and going out remained at the forefront of my mind, I worked hard and left college with brilliant grades and friends for life. 10411897_10204047098884599_6127734681583170817_n.jpg

I then stayed in Bristol for a 3rd year and studied a foundation course in Musical Theatre, this is when I finally decided to knuckle down and work to my full potential. I had no choice! This was the toughest year of my life so far, commuting to Bristol every day at 6am: show rehearsals, drama school auditions, dance classes, daily body conditioning, plus working weekends at stage school and waitressing – I was exhausted, and I mean EXHAUSTED! But I have never learnt so much, although I struggled and found the year very mentally and physically challenging at times, it’s the best thing I have ever done!

This training and hard work gained me a place at 2 top drama schools. One of these offers was from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, having received a reserve spot here the previous year I knew this school would be perfect for me. So I packed up and moved to Scotland to continue my dream in Musical Theatre. Unfortunately after 3 months I found myself back home and back to square one. My voice was damaged and I was unable to complete my course. This was GUTTING. I had trained for 3 years to get here, and after 3 months I had to give it all up and move home. This was an extremely tough decision, but I knew I would work hard over the year to get myself better and return the following year. I spent the winter months working to save money, and spent the summer IMG_2792months abroad and with friends, enjoying the freedom! However after a year off I was still unable to return to my studies and I now find myself back at home and still not able to pursue what I thought was my ultimate dream!

I now know my so-called ‘dream’ wasn’t actually MY dream, it was a path i thought I had to take. So now you meet me here living at home, working a new job, figuring out my next move. Right now, who knows what will happen! I certainly don’t, and that’s okay. It’s okay not to have it all planned out right now, and I’m writing this so I can share my journey with you.

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed my brief overview. I aim to talk more about what I’ve been through and my plans for the future, but for now you know enough. Thanks for reading. M x


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